House Of Video Poker
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The House of Video Poker - where knowledge and skill can bring big rewards for the video poker player with the right bankroll, and a good strategy along with a burning desire are sure to be a long-term winner.


Free Online Video Poker is changing the face of the game

When the Internet first became a casino playground, my ears perked up, as did my heart-rate, and there was a burning question in my mind: what would Vegas think? I knew free online Video Poker was coming. The Vegas tycoons who spend literally billions of dollars a year to distract the hell out of us while we play their already biased games… what would they think when they saw us, the same patrons, playing the same games, in an environment we create for ourselves? I'm thinking they would have started to sweat.

When people think about the house edge in a casino, they think of the theoretical number that is the difference between the house payout and the house hold. What people don't think about are all of the variables that contribute to the house hold; there's a lot more to it than just math.

This is why free online video poker is changing the face of the game. Video Poker, while a one-player game, is just as susceptible to the pitfalls of Vegas distractions as any other game. Let's think about some variables you probably haven't considered before.

Alcohol is a judgment impairer. Why then, is it pushed upon gamblers so heavily? The casinos make more money off of drunken gamblers than sober ones.

Casinos are big, big spaces. Why are there no windows? There are no windows for the same reason there are no clocks. The casino doesn't want you to know how long you've been playing for. They don't want you to see that it's gone from day to night outside, or vice versa. Gamble at home. Put a clock in front of you.

Do casinos offer free play versions of their Video Poker machines for you to practice on until you've mastered the strategy for the specific game variation? No? Interesting. Free online video poker games are commonplace, and when offered by an online casino they often have the same odds and game-play as the real money online version.

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